Jan 23
Bid ended

21-017.1 ESSER Upgrades And Improvements (Windows) for Concordia Parish School District (RE-BID) #14796

Ferriday, LA - (G-NR)


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date1/3/24 11:00am

Bid Date1/23/24 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

M3A Architecture
Kali Blakeney  
(601) 981-1227

The Concordia Parish School Board will receive Sealed bids Marked “Bid” for the construction of the project described as follows”


Notice is hereby given that bids will be received by the Concordia Parish School Board (Owner), located at 508 John Dale Drive, Vidalia, Louisiana 71373, no later than 2:00 PM on Tuesday January 23, 2024, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

The Project generally consists of window replacements at Ferriday High School and Ferriday Lower Elementary. This work is funded by ESSER funds.

Any bids submitted after the above stated time and date will not be considered.

All bids must be completed on the proper form. The contractor must include his Louisiana Contractor’s License number on the Bid.

Complete Bid Documents for this project are available in electronic form. They may be obtained from www.centralauctionhouse.com. Printed copies are not available from the Designer. Plan holders are responsible for their own reproduction costs. Questions about this procedure shall be directed to the designer at:

M3A Architecture, PLLC/William L. McElroy AIA, NCARB
4880 McWillie Circle
Jackson, MS 39206

In accordance with RS 38:2812 G(2) plans and specifications shall be available to bidders until twenty-four hours before bid opening date.

The Corporate Resolution must be signed and sealed. The Owner cannot waive any informalities on the bid form. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids for just cause; such actions will be in accordance with title 38 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

The Contractor may withdraw a bid by affidavit within 48 hours of the bid opening in accordance with LA R.S. 38:2214.C; for patently obvious, unintentional and substantial mechanical, clerical or mathematical errors. The Bids will remain subject to acceptance for forty-five (45) days after the Bid opening, or for such longer period of time that Bidder may agree to in writing upon request of the Owner.

Any interpretation of the bid documents shall be in writing addressed to M3A Architecture, PLLC/William L. McElroy AIA, NCARB, Project Manager: Kali Blakeney, email: kblakeney@m3aarch.com and to be given consideration must be received at least ten days prior to the date fixed for the opening of bids. No communication after this date.

The Contractor shall begin mobilization and procurement of materials within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the Notice to Proceed.

The  successful bidder will be required to execute the Owner’s Standard Form of Agreement/Contract for the construction together with the Performance and Payment Bonds within ten (10) working days after issuance of the Notice Award. Sureties used for obtaining bonds must appear as acceptable on the U.S. Department of Treasury Circular 570.

The Owner hereby notifies all offerors that in regard to any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, that Minority Business Enterprises will be afforded equal opportunity to submit offers in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sec, national origin, or disability in consideration for an award.

A PRE-BID CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD at Ferriday High School Library, located at 801 EE Wallace Boulevard, Ferriday, Louisiana 71334, 11:00 AM on Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

Bids may also be submitted as follows:

Mail/Deliver to:
Concordia Parish School Board
508 John Dale Drive
Vidalia, Louisiana 71373
Attn:  Mr. Tom O’Neal

Electronic: Bidders may use Central Bidding from Central Auction House to submit their bids. Go to https://www.centralauctionhouse.com/ and click the Register hyperlink and follow the given steps. The Basic Subscription has a recurring monthly charge of $99.99. For an electronic bid, La. R. S. 37:2163 A (1) allows a contractor to submit an authentic digital signature on the electronic bid proposal accompanied by the contractor’s license number in order to comply with La. R. S. 37:2163 A (1).

Toyua Watson-Bachus, Superintendent - Concordia Parish School Board
4358 Hwy. 84
Vidalia, LA 71373

Publication Dates:
First Advertisement [December 20, 2023]
Second Run [December 27, 2023]
Third Run [January 3, 2024]